How much fluid can Iceni Silver Knickers hold?

10 x its own weight, for a lighter period can be worn all day


How do I pick the right size underwear?

The products are standard UK size, which is included in the product detail and fit true to size.


Are Iceni Silver Knickers a replacement for my current routine?

Absolutely, with fewer disposable liners, tampons and pads they are not only good for you but for the environment!


How do Iceni Silver Knickers control odor?

Thanks to Silvadurᵀᴹ offering unmatched intelligent freshness this effectively controls  bacteria that could cause unpleasant odours


Can Iceni Silver Knickers be used for urinary incontinence or light bladder leaks?

Can be used for incontinence and bladder leaks


Where are Iceni Silver Knickers manufactured?

We are proud to say Iceni knickers are designed and manufactured in the UK