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What are Period Panties?

Period panties are underwear that you can wear during your period, they are to replace disposable products such as tampons, liners and pads, they can be used for both lighter days and heavy flows. Some women do prefer to use period pants for lighter periods and as a backup on heavier days, however this is completely up to you and your preference. Period panties have been made to look like regular pants and underwear, they’re not bulky and include extra layers as well as a specially formulated layer designed to absorb menstrual blood and remove odour. As a reusable option they can be washed and worn, washed again, worn and again.

How do Period Panties work?

Period panties and underwear are made from layers of absorbent material, we use antimicrobial technology, Silvadur is a polymer that contains silver technology and provides silver ions when an organism lands or forms on a treated fabric. The ions release continuously and will safely minimise any microbes that could cause odour or material degradation. The period panties can hold around 40mls of flow which is equivalent to 8 regular tampons, this will depend on your period and flow, the Silvadur layer aims to keep you comfortable, remove any odours and prevent any leaks or stains. 

How long do Period Panties last?

Period underwear and panties should last around a day, this will depend on your period and how comfortable you feel. Our period panties have been designed to suit a range of activities and lifestyles, including different types of sports, our period panties last 8 hours on a heavy flow, so you can feel confident in the fact that your period will be under control for the majority of the day. 

Are Period Panties safe?

Yes, absolutely, they are also considered to be much safer than tampons and pads. Period panties are made from natural materials and fabrics like cotton, so will be super safe. Our panties also include a layer of Silvadur, this has been researched and extensively tested to ensure its safety.

How often do you change Period Panties?

They are similar to other sanitary products and will need to be changed when they have come to absorbency, how long you wear period panties will depend on a number of areas, this includes your period, the heaviness of your flow and if they are being used with another sanitary product.

What are the best Period Panties?

The period panties that we provide here at Iceni look and feel just like regular underwear, they include a special layer that prevents menstrual blood from seeping through, our period panties and knickers include Silvadur technology, this provides antimicrobial and odour protection. As well as period protection, our period underwear range is sustainable and economical, and also cost efficient. If you want to cut back on waste and save money, we provide the best period panties, as periods can be unpredictable and frustrating, even when you’ve had your period for a long time, you may still experience the odd mishap, even when wearing a pad, liner or tampon. Here at Iceni Silver we provide some solutions, period panties and our period underwear is super hygienic as well as being comfortable and giving you that boost of confidence that you may need!

Where to get Period Panties?

At Iceni Silver of course, we provide a range of options and will help you to find the right period panty. Ours have been designed to last for 8 hours, even on a heavy flow, they also include Silvadur which provides antimicrobial and odour protection. From super absorbent moisture wicking, to supporting a light flow to a heavy flow, our period underwear is period proof, super comfy and provides extra protection. They also come in a number of styles with a natural look and feel, from bikini, to brief and hipster, our period panties are absorbent and provide great coverage. For more information on our period panties and underwear, check out our range of period protection panties today.

For more information on our range of period panties, get in touch with Iceni Silver.


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