Iceni isn't a company or a brand. It's a spirit, a way of life.

We are strong. We are powerful. We are a tribe of warriors united together.

Inspired by Boudica - the great warrior Queen of the Iceni people. We are here to support all women and girls who want to play sport.


Iceni period pants are made from layers of absorbent material.

Using antimicrobial technology, Silvadur is a polymer that contains silver technology and provides silver ions when an organism lands or forms on a treated fabric.

The ions release continuously and will safely minimise any microbes that could cause odour or material degradation.

Holding up to 40mls of flow which is equivalent to 8 regular tampons, the Silvadur layers will keep you dry, comfortable, remove any odours and prevent any leaks or stains.


Iceni period pants are so comfortable even whilst exercising. They are also great whilst training for how discreet they are especially in Lycra. 

The pants have been so well thought through and are such a great product that has effective absorbency and is great for the environment too. 

Emily Ford, member of Team GB Rowing team

I wear these knickers and they can last me all day which makes life so much easier.

Gail, PE Teacher

My daughter wears these under her white Karate suit.

She has never had a leak and feels completely confident when wearing them.

I would highly recommend.

Mum of Olivia, GB Karate Athlete

I play a lot of netball and have really heavy periods.

I wore them all day and did not leak, and there was no smell!

Holly, Netballer

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