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Official Partners with London Pulse Netball Super league team

Official Partners with London Pulse Netball Super league team

Iceni Silver official partners of Vitality Superleague London Pulse netball team Read More

What are Period Panties?

Period panties are underwear that you can wear during your period, they are to replace disposable products such as tampons, liners and pads, they can be used for both lighter... Read More
Iceni: Featured in Underlines Magazine

Iceni: Featured in Underlines Magazine

The Iceni Silver Collection was recently featured in Underlines Magazine! The article discusses how this collection is a new generation of period wear for sports that is not only high quality but... Read More

Iceni Silver Period Pants

Whatever you call your underwear, whether it is pants, knickers, undies or panties, Period Underwear is the way forward! This type of underwear replaces disposable products such as tampons, liners and pads, making them not only the healthier choice but also sustainable and eco-friendly. Made to look like regular pants and underwear, Iceni period pants are not bulky and have specially formulated layers designed to absorb menstrual flow and remove odour. As a reusable option they can be washed and worn for up to 2 years. Using Iceni period pants is not only kind to the environment and your body but also your pocket!

On average a woman spends £10.50 an month on menstrual products, that’s £210 for 2 years! Compare that to the average buy of 3 pairs of Iceni knickers at £65 that’s a saving of £145!

How do Iceni Period Pants Work?

Iceni period pants are made from layers of absorbent material. Using antimicrobial technology, Silvadur is a polymer that contains silver technology and provides silver ions when an organism lands or forms on a treated fabric. The ions release continuously and will safely minimise any microbes that could cause odour or material degradation. Holding up to 40mls of flow which is equivalent to 8 regular tampons, the Silvadur layers will keep you dry, comfortable, remove any odours and prevent any leaks or stains.

How long do Iceni Period Pants last?

Period underwear and pants should last around a day, though this will depend on your flow and how comfortable you feel. Our period knickers have been designed to suit a range of activities and lifestyles, including different types of sports. Iceni period underwear can last up to 12 – 24 hours on a light flow day and 8 hours protection on heavy flow days. Allowing you to feel confident and secure, knowing your period will be under control for the majority of the day.

Are Iceni Period Pants safe?

Absolutely!!!! They are considered to be much safer than tampons and pads which can contain chemicals. Additionally, the risks of infection and toxic shock are completely removed. Iceni period pants are made from natural materials and fabrics and have been stringently tested in UK labs to make sure they adhere to
safety regulations.


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