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What are Period Panties?

Period panties are underwear that you can wear during your period, they are to replace disposable products such as tampons, liners and pads, they can be used for both lighter... Read More
Iceni: Featured in Underlines Magazine

Iceni: Featured in Underlines Magazine

The Iceni Silver Collection was recently featured in Underlines Magazine! The article discusses how this collection is a new generation of period wear for sports that is not only high quality but... Read More
Iceni: Featured in Fast Running

Iceni: Featured in Fast Running

We are so proud to have launched our Iceni Silver Collection, which is made in Britain to the highest quality and also reusable, promoting sustainability. This collection has just been featured... Read More

Period Panties - Iceni Silver

For period panties, look no further than Iceni Silver, we offer a range of period pants that have been designed and tailored to suit a range of sports. Our period panties and leak proof knickers have been tested by some of the most elite athletes around the UK, they aim to ensure comfort and a 100% performance. Our range of products includes a range of options, so whether you are searching for period underwear and period protection panties. Our products are super absorbent and moisture wicking, from a heavy flow to a light flow, we offer a range of period protection, check out our range of period panties online today,

Period Panties for Girls

Iceni was formed by two friends Francesca and Vanessa, mums of two sporty daughters, there had been many times when they’d heard that their daughter’s friends weren’t training because they were on their period. Periods can bring stress and uncertainty as well as impacting on the mental and physical wellbeing of women, this is where period panties come in. Traditional tampons and pads aren’t something that younger girls should have to deal with, especially when it comes to playing sport and enjoying activities, the risks of toxic shock and infections from sanitary products are also a burden and add extra pressure. With this in mind, we came up with an alternative to having to rely on panty liners, pads and tampons as well as other disposable menstrual supplies. Our period panties and period underwear range aims to support anywhere from a heavy flow to a light flow, our period protection panties are super absorbent and leak proof.

The Best Period Panties

The period panties that we provide look and feel exactly like normal underwear, they include a special layer that helps to prevent blood from seeping through, at Iceni Silver, our period panties and knickers include Silvadur, which provides antimicrobial and odour protection. As well as period protection, the period underwear range that we offer is sustainable and economical, as well as being cost efficient. So if you want to cut back on waste and save money, our period panties are a great option. Periods can be unpredictable and frustrating, even if you’ve had your period for a long time, you may still experience the odd mishap, even when wearing a pad, liner or tampon, but here we have a solution, period panties. Our period underwear is super hygienic as well as being comfortable and giving you that boost of confidence that you may need!

Are You Looking For Period Proof Panties?

At Iceni Silver we will help you to find the right period panty, ours have been designed to last for 8 hours, even on a heavy flow, they also include Silvadour which provides antimicrobial and odour protection. From super absorbent moisture wicking, to supporting a light flow to a heavy flow, our period underwear is period proof, super comfy and provides extra protection. They also come in a number of styles with a natural look and feel, from bikini, to brief and hipster, our period panties are absorbent and provide great coverage. For more information on our period panties and underwear, check out our range of period protection panties today.


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